Sunday, August 2, 2009

gyration airmouse

This mouse is the more compact, but less ergonomic (IMHO) version of the go pro. The kit consists of a mouse an RF transceiver dongle which hides in the mouse itself when not in use, and a zippered pouch for the mouse. Standard alkaline batteries are needed (the mouse comes with two). The key points for me: unless you have very small hands, the mouse is awkward to hold up in the air. The movement tracking is really not that great especially if you inadvertently roll the mouse at all. It's too easy to brush your fingers under the optical sensor of the mouse while holding it up in the air. There does not appear to be a way to disable the traditional/optical mouse functionality, which makes aforementioned problem even worse. My main interest at this point is tearing it down to see if some sort of wearable, wireless pointing device can be hacked out of it since it is so small and lightweight.


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