Sunday, August 2, 2009

Touchstream LP

Amazing, but has a very high learning curve and an even higher price ( if you can even find one). I generally use mine when I'm doing work that involves more complicated mouse actions than actual typing or when browsing the web (since I have all the browser actions mapped to gestures).

Combined typing and mousing. Being able to seamlessly transition from typing to mousing or gesturing without moving your hands is great.

Highly programmable- literally hundreds of user configurable gestures and settings. Imagine bettertouchtool on steroids x 2.

Lack of tactile feedback makes typos a constant issue. Even after owning several touchstream keyboards for many years, I still type much more slowly on these than on a mechanical keyboard and make far more typos.

Availability- the only way you might be able to get ahold of one now is ebay.

Price- absurdly high due to the lack of supply.